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Overview on companies which are banned from becoming GOTS certified and from the input approval system


Name and address of company

Reason for ban

Decision date(s)

Ban valid until

Kriti Organics  213, F-1, Moti Nagar, Queens Road, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur 302021, Rajasthan,  India

Company provided false information about products to clients, CBs and proceeded to ship incorrect goods (not GOTS certified) to their customers.  CB confirms receiving fraudulent information from company.  Further, company still shows GOTS logo / certification on their website despite the fact that certification expired in June 2017.

22 Dec 2017

21 Dec 2019

Dynamic Overseas, 19/7B-A, Jaggannathpuram, Khatena Road, Lohamandi, Agra 282002, Uttar, Pradesh, India

Company’s GOTS certification was suspended due to open non-conformities of a serious nature and little or no reaction to the requests made by the CB to adhere to GOTS requirements as well as continuing to proclaim GOTS certification on their website.

26 June 2017

25 June 2019

Hardy Associates Limited, Chandra, Kaliakoir, Gazipur 1750, Bangladesh

Despite of OneCert’s denial to issue a Transaction Certificate, Hardy supplied goods to a buyer in Germany carrying GOTS labelling where it was not permitted and presumably with malafide intentions in 2016.

16 March 2017

15 March 2019

Organic Mart India, #4/37E,New Extension Street, Kaikatti Pudur Post),Avinashi- 641 654,, Tirupur District, INDIA

Ban extended for a period of 1 additional year : Continued use of similar trademark and GOTS pursuing legal options.

Reason for extension of the ban:
Continued unauthorised use of GOTS license number and misleading potential buyers about the certification status during the past two years.
(Initial ban decided on 10.07.2013 and extended for 2 years, re-extended for one additional year on 6 July 2017)

10 July 2013

25 June 2015

06 July 2017

09 July 2018


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"Con el fin de proteger mejor la credibilidad de GOTS, investigamos e imponemos sanciones siempre que haya pruebas de un uso engañoso de la etiqueta GOTS o referencia a la certificación GOTS".

... desde nuestra visión, nuestra misión

Procedimiento para reclamos

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El Grupo de Trabajo Internacional ha desarrollado un procedimiento para asegurar un manejo formal y resolución de reclamos recibidos con respecto a la implementación del sistema de aseguramiento de calidad y etiquetado GOTS.

Leer más: Procedimiento para reclamos