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Certifiers Council

Last Updated: Monday, 21 September 2020 17:39

GOTS has formed a Certifiers Council in which each Approved Certifier is represented by a responsible expert. The Certifiers Council has an advisory function with regard to all issues related to the GOTS quality assurance system and reports to the Standards Committee. The collaboration of all approved GOTS certifiers in this unique forum is an important prerequisite for a consistent interpretation of the criteria of the standard and an equal implementation of its quality assurance system. The Certifiers Council is coordinated by GOTS' Managing Director, Rahul Bhajekar.

Ulrike Zdralek Ulrike Zdralek,
Fabrizio Piva Dr. Fabrizio Piva,
 Feli Klinkenberg CERES Feli Klinkenberg

Amir Khan

Amir Khan,
Control Union Certifications

Anil Noyin Anil Noyin,
Control Union Gozetim
ve Belgelendirme
Binay Dr Binay Kumar Choudhury,
CU Inspections India
Vincent Duret,
Ecocert Greenlife

Dr. Mustafa Akyüz,

Paolo Dr. Paolo Foglia,
Rajesh Selva GCL

Rajesh Selva,
GCL International

Ulrike Kisteneich kiwa bcs Ulrike Kisteneich,
Kiwa BCS
Sandeep Bhargava Sandeep Bhargava,
Pedro Landa Pedro Landa,
Angela Wartes Elizabeth Tigan,
Oregon Tilth
SA-Cert-Phil Skentelbery Philip Skentelbery,
Soil Association Certification
Nesrin Serin copy

Nesrin Serin,
USB Certification

Rahul 2 Rahul Bhajekar,
Managing Director, GOTS gGmbH
Coordinator of the Certifiers Council