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Information Centre

This section provides for news of the GOTS programme, answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and downloads of all public documents of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

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Preguntas Frecuentes Resumen

Última actualización: Miércoles, 15 Agosto 2018 20:02

Aquí se incluyen respuestas a las preguntas y consultas que se reciben con más frecuencia acerca de procedimientos de certificación, criterios para operaciones y productos, requisitos para etiquetado y uso del logo GOTS.


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GOTS Simple Show Clip

Última actualización: Miércoles, 18 Marzo 2020 12:56

This section contains all available language versions of the Simple Show Clip.

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Security Advice Adverts

Última actualización: Miércoles, 18 Marzo 2020 12:56

105x148 GOTS SecAdvise Consumers engl Not all violations of the GOTS Licensing and Labelling conditions are intentional. Some are just caused by lack of knowledge. In addition consumers need to be informed how a correct GOTS label must look like. For this purpose we designed two  adverts with Security Advices for retailers and consumers. The ads are offered as "Free-ads" for magazines and newspapers that have free space and want to support GOTS.

GOTS SecAdvise Consumers engl

Security Advice Adverts for Consumers:

Security Advice Adverts for Retailers:

Further formats can be requested by e-mail

The Security Advice Notes are also available for download in German.