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Le référentiel

Mis à jour : jeudi 8 juin 2017 17:17

Le référentiel sur les textiles biologiques GOTS est reconnu comme une référence mondiale pour les textiles fabriqués à partir de fibres biologiques. Il définit des critères environnementaux de haut niveau tout au long de la chaine d'approvisionnement des textiles biologiques et requiert également le respect de critères sociaux.

Présentation générale

Mis à jour : vendredi 6 juillet 2018 14:23

Seuls les produits textiles contenant un minimum de 70 % de fibres biologiques peuvent être certifiés GOTS. Les intrants chimiques utilisés, comme les colorants et adjuvants doivent être conformes à un certain nombre de critères environnementaux et toxicologiques. Les systèmes de production et de transformation doivent également être conformes aux règles environnementales. Une installation de traitement des eaux usées fonctionnelle est obligatoire pour toute unité de traitement humide utilisée et tous les industriels doivent se conformer à un certain nombre de critères sociaux. Les principaux critères du référentiel GOTS, son système d'assurance qualité et ses principes de revue de procédure se trouvent résumés sous cette rubrique.

Lire la suite : Présentation générale

Revision Procedure to GOTS v 6.0

Mis à jour : jeudi 2 janvier 2020 08:08

The formal revision process for GOTS 6.0 has commenced in March 2019.  The revision process and schedule is briefly enumerated here.

Lire la suite : Revision Procedure to GOTS v 6.0

GOTS Monitor (Water/Energy)

Mis à jour : lundi 17 décembre 2018 12:27
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GOTS Licensees can register for a complementary download of GOTS Monitor here

Consumption of water and energy are most important aspects in sustainability considerations for textile processors and manufacturers. As part of the environmental management criteria (chapter 2.4.10) GOTS requires that - among other information - certified entities must have available and provide:

  • data on energy and water resources and their consumption per kg of textile output
  • target goals and procedures to reduce energy and water consumption per kg of textile output

GOTS Monitor (Water/Energy) aims at supporting certified entities to approach and comply with these requirements.

The main functions of GOTS Monitor (Water/Energy) are to:

  • allow an easy data collection on energy and water consumption (per kg of textile output)
  • provide realistic factory-specific benchmark values for these parameters (specifically for wet processing activities)

The user will be supported in setting and monitoring realistic improvement targets regarding the progress in the reduction of his water and energy consumption. Effects will be visible in both environmental terms to fulfil the GOTS Standard requirements and in monetary terms for the business case of sustainability.

Certified entities can register for a complementary download of GOTS Monitor here. After completing the order form they will receive information by email with all instructions how to download, install and use GOTS Monitor.

Click here to proceed to download of GOTS Monitor

[Minimum system requirements: Windows XP SP3 or newer (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2011, 2012). Minimum free space required on disk is 500MB and RAM of at least 1GB]

Information Webinar GOTS Monitor (Water/Energy) 2.0

An information webinar was held on 17 December 2018 to introduce the GOTS Monitor (Water/Energy) 2.0.  A recording of the webinar may be seen here : Webinar - GOTS 2.0 recording.

Slides used during the presentation can be downloaded here.

Implementation Manual GOTS 5.0

Mis à jour : lundi 3 septembre 2018 20:01
The Manual for Implementation is a tool developed by the Standards Committee to provide interpretation advice on specific GOTS criteria and the related quality assurance system.

GOTS latest Version 5.0

Mis à jour : lundi 3 septembre 2018 20:00

GOTS Version 5.0 was released on 1 March 2017

The new version of GOTS is a result of a comprehensive stakeholder input process in which various organizations with expertise in organic production, textile processing and social criteria participated. It follows the overall approach of GOTS to define high level verifiable environmental criteria throughout the entire processing chain of apparel and home textiles (including spinning, knitting, weaving, wet processing, manufacturing, and trading) made from a minimum of 70% certified organic fibres and requiring social criteria while still providing for a practical set of requirements that is technically achievable even in large scale industrial textile production and for mass market brands and retailers in order to achieve a considerable environmental and social impact in the textile industry.

The implementation deadline for GOTS certified entities to fully comply with Version 5.0 is 1 March 2018.

The GOTS Version 5.0 is available for download here: GOTS Version 5.0

The Manual for Implementation Version 5.0 is available for download here: Implementation Manual Version 5.0

Translations of GOTS Version 5.0 will be progressively made available in different languages in our downloads section.  The English language Standard will remain the primary operative and decisive document in cases of any variance in translation.

Summary of changes from GOTS Version 4.0 to 5.0

A document that lists a summary of the changes from GOTS Standard Version 4.0 to GOTS Standard Version 5.0 is available for download here : List of Relevant Changes

This document provides a summary, but not details, of changes and should be considered only as supporting material to the Standard and Manual themselves. Binding changes are those contained in these two documents.

GOTS Version 4.0 is still available in our download section (languages English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish).