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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 May 2017 22:54

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Session 1:

Storytelling: Brands’ and Retailers’ Business Case for Sustainability through GOTS

Moderator: Claudia Kersten, GOTS Marketing Director, Germany

GOTS Simple Show Clip (4 minutes)


  1. Charline Ducas, C&A Europe
  2. Dr. Ulrich Hofmann, Brands Fashion GmbH, Germany
  3. Shishir Goenka, Fusion Clothing Co., India


Session 2:

Going for ­­­­GOTS

Moderator: Marcus Bruegel, GOTS Technical Director, Germany

Audit Checklist and Methods: Ecological and Social Compliance

Dr. Binay Kumar Choudhury, General Manager, Control Union Inspections and Certifications India Pvt Ltd, India

Risk Management in Chemical Use and Testing

Rahul Bhajekar, Technical Committee, GOTS and General Manager, Hermes Eco Laboratories, India

Labelling Organic Textiles- Legal conditions and GOTS Requirements

Marcus Bruegel, GOTS Technical Director, Germany

Session 3:

Sustainability Standards: National or International? -The Role of International Voluntary Sustainability Standards in Relation to National Statutory Compulsory Sustainability Standards

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Arvind Sinha, Business Advisors Group, India

Mathieu Lamolle, International Trade Centre (ITC), Switzerland (Recorded Video Presentation)

GOTS Video- Changes in Version 4.0 (English Version, 22 minutes)