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Licensing and Labelling Guide

Last Updated: Monday, 04 May 2020 10:08

The Licensing and Labelling Guide specifies the licensing conditions for companies participating in the GOTS Program and defines the corresponding Licence Fees. It further sets the requirements for the use of the registered trademark 'Global Organic Textile Standard' (GOTS logo) in order to ensure correct and consistent application on products as well as in advertisements, catalogues or other publications. The latest issue of the Licensing and Labelling Guide has been released on 08 May 2017.

Basic Information about the Licensing System

  • With the completion of GOTS certification by an approved certifier a certified entity acquires a sub-licence which entitles it to participate in the GOTS programme, including use of the standard and the GOTS logo on its appicable GOTS Goods in accordance with the provisions of the Licensing and Labelling Guide.
  • Each certified entity must pay an annual licence fee. The license fee is set at €150 (as of 1 April 2020)  for each facility that is inspected for the certified entity. The Licence Fee must be collected by the Approved Certifier and transferred to GOTS by 31st January of each calendar year.
  • Certified Entities that are ordinary members of one of the member organisations of GOTS (Organic Trade Association, IVN, Soil Association or JOCA) pay half of the licence fee amounts (€75 per facility inspected per year).
  • The logo may be used as on-product label to market GOTS certified textiles and intermediates. No additional fee applies for the use of the GOTS logo.
  • The logo may also be voluntarily used by suppliers of approved GOTS Additives by payment of an Additives License Fee and only under specific conditions detailed in the guide.
  • The GOTS logo use is also subject to clearance by the Approved Certifier by use of Labelling Release for GOTS Goods and Labelling Release for GOTS Additives.  The Labelling Release for GOTS Goods is to be also used for Combined Products.

Summary information on the prerequisites which must be met before GOTS labelling and referencing can be used is provided in the section 'How to get products labelled'

Latest issue of the Licensing and Labelling Guide

The complete licensing conditions as well as the requirements related to the label application including the design specifications are specified in the Licensing and Labelling Guide.

The current issue, released on 08 May 2017 (updated with the modernised GOTS logo on 14 August 2018) is available for download in PDF format:  Licensing and Labelling Guide.

The latest issue of the Licensing & Labelling Guide has directives related to the labelling of 'Combined Products', where all other requirements remain unchanged from the previous issue of 1 March 2016.  The document available for download from 14 August 2018 has the modernised GOTS logo.

Some recent changes in the Licencing & Labelling Guide of 1 March 2016 compared to the issue released 1 March 2015 include:


The changes and additions made reflect the current implementation policy of the labelling and licensing policy already respective do not require a certain implementation period. Accordingly the new issue becomes effective with the day of release.


The current issue of the Licensing and Labelling Guide is now avaiable in other languages in our download section.

800x600 Normal 0 false false false EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The GOTS logo always must be accompanied by a reference to the applicable label grade as provided for in chapter 1.4. of GOTS, by a reference to the Approved Certifier who has certified the marked goods (e.g. certifier's name and/or logo) and a reference to the Certified Entity (e.g. Certified Entity’s name and/or licence no.).