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How to use it

Last Updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2017 11:50

The GOTS public data base contains information on GOTS certified entities, their (head quarter’s) address, specifications of their certified products and their fields of operation.

Not all products manufactured or sold by a certified operation may be GOTS certified. Please check if the products show the correct and complete labelling at the time of purchase.
Please check with the help of our Security Advise Adverts.

It contains data sets of certified entities that are certified on their own account only. Certified entities that have requested that their data be kept confidential are not listed. Additional facilities that are sub-contracted by certified entities to perform specific processing steps under the scope of the GOTS certification of the certified entity are also not displayed in this data base.

The search form contains four search fields. Search terms can be entered / selected in one, several or all search fields at the same time in order to narrow down the search results.

In the field ‘free text’ any free text terms can be entered and looked up in any data field. For example names of companies, licence numbers, specific products or processing steps can be entered in this field.

The other 3 fields contain lists of determined terms:

The search field ‘product categories’ provides for terms related to basic groups of textiles and garments and searches in the data fields ‘product categories’ and ‘product specifications’.

The search field ‘fields of operation’ provides for terms related to basic processing and trade activities of the textile supply chain and searches in the data fields ‘fields of operation and ‘specification of operation’.

It should be noted that terms listed in the search fields ‘product categories’ and ‘fields of operation’ are not used equally and consistently in the various data sets. If a product category (e.g. 'Babywear') is selected, only entries where this term was used by the certifier that provide the data will be shown. If ‘baby’ is entered to the free text field instead, more search results for companies producing any kind of babywear will be found.

If a country is selected in the corresponding search field only data sets from this country are shown. The country names are used consistently in all entries to the data base. If a country is selected without using/selecting any other search fields all companies certified in the selected country will be listed.

The data fields shown in the main page of search results are always the three fields ‘company’, ‘country’ and ‘product specifications’, even if the search term was found in another field. All fields of the data set that contain entries are shown in the section ‘details’.


Further remarks:

All information contained in this data base is provided respective uploaded directly by the responsible certifier as indicated in the ‘details’ of each data set. Therefore certified entities that observe any incomplete or even false information in their data set can only get it corrected by contacting the responsible certifier. The same applies for any certified entities that are not listed at all in the data base. A certified entity that is not listed and whose initial certification was granted more than one month ago is asked to inform its certifier as well as the administrator of the data base. A message should be sent to with the subject ‘data base-missing entry’ with a copy of the GOTS certificate of compliance (=scope certificate) to allow the administrator to cross-check the status with the applicable certifier.

Entries to the data base cannot be used as a final verification of the valid certified status of a company and its products. To receive appropriate proof about the certified status of a company (e.g. as a potential supplier of GOTS certified products) the company should always be asked to provide its GOTS scope certificate. This certificate must be issued by the responsible approved GOTS certifiers and should show (among other information) the supplier's details, the scope of the GOTS certification and the period of validity. In case of doubt, the authenticity of the certificate can be reconfirmed by contacting the issuing certifier with the name and certificate number.

To assure that the products of a specific delivery (shipment) received by a certified supplier are GOTS certified, the supplier should also be asked for a 'transaction certificate', issued by the GOTS certifier of the supplier that lists the product and shipment details of the applicable delivery.